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Many thanks for providing this very clear and thorough valuation so promptly it has been a great help to us and is very much appreciated.

Mr Jonathan Bell Richmond, VIC

Valuations VIC Licensed Property Valuers in Melbourne, Victoria

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Going by this logic the best way to know more about us as a valuation company would be take the trouble of being associated with us as a customer for your valuation related requirements.

There is little doubt that almost each of you should be requiring our services at some point in time. Whenever you have such requirements all you need to do is to call on our numbers. Our representative will get in touch with us within a few minutes and you could take things forward.

What make us so special as far as valuations in Melbourne are concerned is the fact that we are one of the oldest in this line of business. Further, we are also a registered and government approved valuer which also is a good testimony for our credentials and goodwill.

Apart from these certificates what certainly set us apart could be attributable to some common fundamentals which we have never deviated from.

• We are very transparent in our dealings and we never compromise on basic ethics and value systems however big and lucrative the transaction might be. We have never believed and will never believe in short cuts to success.
We have a very experienced and professional team of valuers who can handle any type of valuation jobs.
• We believe in standing by the time lines that we have committed to our customers however difficult or impossible it might seem.
• Our relationship with our customer does not end by just giving the valuation reports. In fact we consider this as the starting point.
• We are famous because we offer a whole gamut of valuation related services and we could easily be called a one stop solution.

One of our experienced property valuers are happy to discuss the property valuation you require in more detail. Contact the Office (03) 9020 1494 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.
Please Contact Us for an INSTANT QUOTE, we won’t be beaten on price or service!

Hello world!

Property valuation is a big business and every year billions of dollars worth of property are bought and sold or there is change in ownerships of such properties. Though there are a number of valuers in and around Melbourne city when it comes to successful business entities in this field, one could count them in their hands.

The reason for very few people succeeding in this business could be attributed to various reasons, viz.:

• Lack of knowledge of the business
Not being able to clearly understand the market potential.
• Not being able to identify the niche market and improper customer segmentation.
• Looking at short cuts for success rather than strongly following the fundamentals
• High priced services that are beyond the reach of many clients.

We would like to take pride in mentioning here that when it is about valuations, there are hardly any customers who would no mention our names. While this certainly is feather in our cap, our journey thus far has not been a path or roses and gardens.

It has been a tough journey and the fundamentals on which the business has been built has stood us in good stead.

• We are always transparent in our dealings.
• All our valuation reports however small or big it might be are totally transparent and well within the accepted norms and practices.
• We are a registered valuer and this places additional responsibility on us to be very clean and overboard in all our transactions.
• Since we have a very good team of professionals to help us out our customers also find it comfortable to be associated with us.
We offer our services at very reasonable rates



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