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Advice from property valuers to downsizers

apartment valuation in melbourne

Downsizing is rightful act in many ways. Experts like property valuers Melbourne also suggest to shift your house from large to small. If you don’t have enough members to live in. If your space is big for you then shift your belongings to small space. It helps you to save hundred thousand bucks and minimizes the effect of maintaining a big home.

Well, the benefits of downsizing are many. But there are certain points should kept in mind before taking the decision of downsizing or while selecting the property for downsizing. Here we have listed down some tips for downsizers by Property valuers Melbourne.

Location – Location is the most important thing to consider in the real estate. From years if you are living a quiet place which is far from busy streets. So when downsizing you choose a home in city area then it’s going affect your living style completely. Don’t make downsizing that hard. Keep it simple. Choose the location, area which suits your lifestyle or matching it. Even check the amenities around. Downsizing doesn’t mean you have to compromise in any way. Overall you are doing it because want to take advantages of downsizing and enjoy your living space. Consider location and surrounding at first step.

Declutter the waste – Before going out to find a small home. Start decluttering. Remove the unwanted things from your belongings. Thus you will get an idea how much space you will actually need. Decluttering clears your mind. Property valuers says – People often accumulate hundreds of things which are of no use to them. This process of accumulation is fine when you have space to keep. Remember in small home you can’t keep clutter. There will be no extra space type of thing. So better to remove clutter and keep yourself organised before finding property for downsizing.

Create your list – There are certain must have requirement which should be fulfilled while selecting your home. It can be extra bathroom, natural light, sea view or stairs in the house. If you get any property which matches your all requirement you can buy it. Set your priorities and work accordingly.

Buy quality homes – Buy the home which need less maintenance. Look you choose the option of downsizing because you don’t want to invest your time and money in maintaining the home. Buy quality home which doesn’t need maintenance much. So beware while selecting the home for downsizing.

Parking or garden space – You should check the parking space whether you are looking for a flat/apartment or a small house for downsizing. Parking space is must and it serves as an advantage. In big cities, it is difficult to find the parking spaces especially in residential area.
People love to stay close to nature. Gardens in homes give such pleasure. If the home which gives you garden space. In leisure time after retirement you can sit in your garden at the tea time.

Well, these are the valuable advices given by property valuer Melbourne. For accurate and real time valuation you can hire property valuers Melbourne.