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Being a landlord you should know the signs of a good tenant

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You put your property on rent for an investment purpose which the aim to earn good revenues. But you never expect those renters would harm your property and broke down you financially and emotionally. So before choosing the renters, you should scan them properly and make sure you know the signs of a good tenant. Also get the advice from property agents and make an enquiry to know about them before allowing them as tenants. To know the value of your property hire home valuers for best home valuation services. It becomes imperative to hire good tenants only. Here we have mentioned some points –

Good Source of Income – You put your property on rent to get monthly fixed income but to pay the rent tenant must have a steady income. Home valuer says – Tenants monthly income should be three to four times of the monthly rent. You can ask the tenant to show the salary slips to assure you about their income. And a good tenant won’t hide such things from you. Even you can call or contact in the company where your prospective tenant works to make an enquiry. Before allowing the tenant you must make an enquiry to know more about them. If they own any loan then it might become difficult for them to pay rent. Ask such questions to tenants.

Stable – By looking at the tenant’s job history and past rental history you will get to know about the tenant’s stability factor. Always remember stability indicates – how long the renter is able to live in a house. A good tenant has a steady life you should allow the one who possesses it. Otherwise, you may have to face many issues.

Criminal record – Would you like to allow criminals to reside inside your property. Of course, not. Then why not to check the history of the tenant before signing the rental contract. Yes, it is better to check the criminal record of the tenant. If it is found that they were involved in some disputes ask the details and try to know the chapter is closed or still under corps investigation. It might possible allowing such tenants can put you in trouble. So beware.

Cleanliness – Giving out your residential property on rent is not an easy task. Being a landlord you have to take care of the property’s maintenance. So make sure to allow those tenants who live in the property by keeping it clean. Before choosing the tenant to make an enquiry to know about the level of cleanliness and tidiness they hold and how they keep the property. You can even call or contact the current landlord of the tenant. First get the assurance and then only you should allow them into your property for accommodation.

Honesty – Ask the questions you want to ask and note the answers they give you. Then make some enquiry from their current company where they work or place they live to know the level of honesty. A good tenant would not make any betrayal.

These are signs of a good tenant. If you get all of these qualities in a single tenant allow them to reside in your property. For best home valuation services you can contact us.