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Home valuer revealed the home kitchen’s shrinking story

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Years ago kitchen was considered the most important part of the home. People minutely look for the kitchen to check it’s condition, size and everything before making the property buying decision. Even Melbourne property  valuers say – “Look for kitchen and bathroom as they are the most important places of the home and need lots of money if they need renovation so buy the one which is well maintained, big in size, well-equipped, this applies to kitchen and bathroom both.

Earlier scenario –
Some call kitchen – The heart of the home or first room of the home. People also considered it as a communal place. As family members can meet at this place and thus cooking and eating go side by side this creates a bond between the family members. A place where you can cook, eat and talk with your friends, and family altogether.

Today and coming future scenario –
But according to the latest report the size of the kitchens are shrinking nowadays. The credit or blame say whatever you want to call it – It completely goes to food apps which delivers food at home or office in no much time. These food mobile appliances like Ubereats, yelp, Deliveroo, Menulog are penetrating into the Australian’s people life that they are making the size of kitchen small and compact. People are ordering the food via these apps three to four times a week which makes them cook less at home thus they are overlooking the importance of the kitchen in the home.

According to the home valuers – “We have noticed that while buying the homes people are not putting an emphasis on the size of the kitchen. Well, they are happy in the small and compact kitchen because they are cooking less now.”

Home valuer says – “Once the kitchens were a central part of Australian’s homes but now it is becoming smaller in size and going compact day by day.” Previously people used to cook food at home only from morning coffee to dinner they used to cook everything at home thus they need big spaces to store the groceries, food items, and ingredients but now people are less likely to cook food at home they are ok with small kitchen and looking at kitchen like another room only whereas previously people used to make home buying decisions based on the size and condition of the kitchen.

It’s not the today’s generation is not needed refrigerator, microwave, and oven they are having these things in their kitchen by the size of the kitchen is drastically changed now as they are using it very l The instant food delivery via applications is the main reason behind the changes layout of the home or apartment. As they are cooking less they don’t store food items and thus they are living easily in the compact kitchen home.

The scenario is changing rapidly one can’t deny the bad impact of eating the restaurant’s food very often. It is costlier too than preparing a meal at home. The health benefits of cooking and eating food are tremendous one should not underestimate it. Well, you can contact us for the best home valuation services. We have a team of expert and experienced home valuers to find the home value.