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Increase your property value: Convert home’s weaknesses into strengths

expert property valuers in Melbourne

Do you know? You can increase your productivity and make your life worth living once you start working on your weaknesses. Yes, knowing your weaknesses and converting them into your strengths is a great idea of self-improvement. This, not only improves you but gives you great benefits from every aspect like personally, socially, physically, financially and mentally.

So why not you implement this on your property? When you can increase the value of your property and get good returns. It’s not fair to get a low value of your home when you can increase its value by making small amendments. First, find the weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

Here we have listed the few common weaknesses that should be turned into strengths to increase the property value –

Say bye to old one – Your old property is not going to give you right amount of the property. And if your property looks too old then you should work upon it. Gone are the days when we say ‘old is gold’ as unfortunately, it won’t apply in the property market. Everyone wants newly furnished well designed and organized property as a home. Then what about your old one? Don’t worry – you can hire a property valuer and take suggestion how you can convert your old shabby property into a new one.

Apart from this you can clean the house and declutter the waste. Check the structural part of the building is damaged or not, if it is then repaired it. Apply the fresh coat of paint on the walls to give it a good new look.

Your kitchen and bathroom need an update – Most people overlooked these two prime places in the home but that’s not right. Current buyers should look for state of the art and open kitchen joint with the dining area or living area.

Old sink and toilet give a bad impression. Replace it otherwise you won’t be able to have potential customers. Add new toilets, faucets and sink in your bathroom to make it looks good. You can replace the old dirty tiles and floors of the bathroom to give it a completely new look. Hire an interior designer or any structural engineer. Know what changes you can make and how much it will cost. Check your finance to proceed ahead.

Your property is so close to neighbor’s door – Be shrewd enough to turn your weakness into strengthens overall you should count the amenities your home has to offer. Like proximity to public transport and market, parks, parking space, etc. For some buyers amenities values more than the neighbor’s closeness. You plant trees at your fencing to keep the privacy of buyers so neighbors can’t see what going on in your house.

Small size property make it look big –  If your property is small then you may lose the potential buyers but you can extend the property area (if you have any chance). But if not then paint the house with light shades or nude shades of color which makes property look feel big or else you can add mirrors on the walls of the house to give the illusion of spacious home.

Work upon your weaknesses makes you strong and that is only valued in the real world. Here are the few ways how to convert or turn your weaknesses into strengths. Finding your home’s weaknesses you can take help of property valuers Melbourne too to guide you well.