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Know the benefits and importance of property valuations when selling your home

So finally you have decided to sell your property out in the market. Definitely whatsoever be your reason for property selling you want it’s the best price. For this, you have to sell your property at the right time at

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Melbourne’s this spring season has much more to offer to the first home buyers than the last year. As per the report – “The annual increase in the number of loans to the first home buyers is noted 35.5 percent

Lenders should withhold property valuation documentation or report or not

Property valuation report is a fundamental part of any property transaction which is widely accepted and referred by the government to solve the legal issues related to the real estate property. Property valuation report is the document prepared by property

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Property valuers reveal the renovation changes that actually increase the property value

It’s quite obvious that property owners who are planning to sell their property want the best price of their property on the auction day. For this property valuers inspect the property and suggest the changes that should be made to

What skills you should have to become a property valuer in Australia

Property valuer is the person who estimates the value of the property. Valuer is a qualified professional who possesses the market knowledge, analytical skills and refined judgement capability to estimate the right value of the property. Why you need property

What is the difference between licensed valuers and real estate agents appraisals?

This is something interesting to know about. Yet, many people are confused with this. Which is right and more authentic. Which one is going to help in making our financial decisions. So here in this post you will get to

House valuation: How much does it cost?

House valuation or property valuation, Does it seems like another extra expenditure to you? Then you are wrong buddy. Property or house valuation is an investment you make to know the right value of your house or property. Property valuers

Top amazing ways to find out the house value

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What is the benefit of hiring a registered property valuer?

To most lucrative business among all the businesses is – the real estate property business. As it gives you a good option to make money and earn a good amount of profit. Once you buy a property the value of