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Property valuers reveal the renovation changes that actually increase the property value

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It’s quite obvious that property owners who are planning to sell their property want the best price of their property on the auction day. For this property valuers inspect the property and suggest the changes that should be made to increase its value. Though people are spending huge money on renovation like fitting new appliances, buying luxury furniture, expensive fixtures in order to add value to their property, with the hope to get good returns.

But sometimes their efforts and money in making renovation go in vain as the buyer’s way to look at property is different and they don’t find the renovation is worth anymore. Though this is not the everyone’s case. The strategically done renovation can add the most value to the property.

Here are the sure shot tips and ways reveal by the property valuers which can give you good returns –

Focus on bathrooms and kitchens – When it comes to renovating a home or dwelling the buyers first looks for the kitchen and bathroom to be clean and updated. These are the key areas demands renovation. Remember the little renovation in these areas can increase the property value to the much extent. When a buyer sees the new flooring, taps, and sink, freshly painted walls of the kitchen and fully tiled washroom walls put a good impression on the buyer’s mind.

Highly cleaned and maintained kitchen and bathroom can influence the buyer’s decision. The packed kitchen rooms are old now, people like to have an open and modular kitchen with new kitchen electric appliances. The kitchens are now the center of attraction for the people. It is considered as the heart of a home.

Property valuers suggested – ”Painting the kitchen walls with light, nude or neutral color scheme is a good option. Especially the case when house is small, the light colors on walls bring an illusion that the home is larger in size than it actually is.”
The idea of an open kitchen with attached dining area appeals the buyers, property valuer added.

Extend Living area – Smart renovation allows you to increase the space in house without shifting the walls. Adding built-in desks to units for study and reading is a creative way to use the spaces. The more space adds the more value to the home. Renovation should be done to
use the extra used space to convert it into the useful living area.

Remember people like to have open living space which makes their living comfortable and easy.
Also, the little amount of money is needed to bring a huge difference in the property value.

Present your property well – Really wanted to sell your property. The properly maintained and properly presented house can appeal to the potential buyers who can give the right value to the home. Go through every corner of the house. Check your garden is having enough mulch and plants, remove weed and dead plants from your garden. Mow it well to present it. Paint your interior and exterior. Clean the house and remove the scrap and unwanted materials to make the look and feel of the property.

Planning to sell your house, ask property valuer Melbourne to know the value of the property before and after the renovation and then make the renovation to get the increased value of the property.