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The great characteristics of a great real estate mentor

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If you are planning to put your steps on the property ladder that can be full of excitement and challenges both. It becomes essential for real estate investors especially who are beginners to work with real estate experts and to earn good amount of money. Because of real estate mentor or property valuer’s experience would help the property investor to crack the right deal. Hiring the property valuer going to give a great advantage to the investors. The special features, knowledge and characteristics of the good real estate property valuer or mentor will help the investors to make money easily in the real estate world.

Here in this post, we are sharing the characteristics of a great real estate mentor or property valuer possess –


  • Deep financial knowledge – Investing and making money in the real estate is not so easy task. A deep and clear understanding of finance is required. A good real estate property valuer or mentor will explain the financial options available in the market and what will be the returns on investment. They tell about the investment strategy like flip and flop what will be after repair value i.e ARV of the property. In ‘Buy and hold’ investment strategy they will tell about how to generate positive cash flow.



  • Understands analytical science – Mentor should have a current and deep working knowledge of analytics like occupancy and vacancy. The data related to previous sales and current both should be available to predict the future sales, occupancy rate and property prices. Expert property valuer knows about the ups and downs of the real estate market and knows how to study it well.



  • Ready to guide you – Real estate mentor or real estate property valuer is the one who is ready to give time, valuable advice to the customers. Investing money in real estate is the tough task. As it involves a huge amount of money, knowledge and time. As good real estate mentor understands the situation, hesitation, risk and challenges of an investor and gives the proper support, right advice and guidance to those who are in need.



  • Knows well about the real estate tax – A good mentor is the one who knows about the property related taxes and helps the investors to save their money. What the sense of earning a large sum of money and spending a large sum on taxes.



  • Clients positive feedback – The good real estate mentor is the one who possesses the good past record. The mentor should have evidence to showcase these strategies and plans have worked in the past. So that new, naive and beginners can trust the mentor by seeing and listening good deeds performed previously.
  • Spread positivity – The mentor should be like with whom investor go and ask the questions, queries and doubts related to real estate investment. Already newbies are in the zone of hesitation this is the clear responsibility of the mentor to spread the positive and bring the confidence in them.   


These are the qualities or attributes a property mentor or valuer should possesses. For best property valuation services feel free to contact us.