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Many thanks for providing this very clear and thorough valuation so promptly it has been a great help to us and is very much appreciated.

Mr Jonathan Bell Richmond, VIC

Stamp Duty Valuations

When it stamp duty payable and how is the amount of stamp duty payable calculated? This is a very common question that comes from many of our clients. Before giving the reply for the same, we would like to spend a few lines introducing ourselves.

Whenever there is any talk of valuation, there is no doubt that we are always kept in mind. Based out of Melbourne, we have a very big and thriving valuation business and have in our fold hundreds of satisfied customers from across the city and also its neighbourhoods.

Now coming to the above question that often is raised by customers, it should be understood that whenever a property is sold, transferred there is a transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Hence, there is a stamp duty payable and the amount or calculation should be as per the norms set by the law of the land.

The valuation of the property has an important role to play in calculating the actual stamp duty payable. We contribute to such valuations on a regular basis and each day we certainly have quite a few such requests coming in from our customers situated in Melbourne and other surrounding areas.

We are a big name in the field of stamp duty valuations because:

• We have a clear idea about the rates of land and properties prevailing in various parts of the city at different points in time.
• We also have specialized teams or professionals who help in giving our customers the right valuation based on which stamp duty is calculated.
The local tax and revenue authorities always outsource such valuation requests to third parties. Since we are a registered valuer, we are always given preference.

One of our experienced property valuers are happy to discuss the property valuation you require in more detail. Contact the Office (03) 9020 1494 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.
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